In the present scenario, technology and connections are of utmost importance for businesses willing to grow and expand themselves. The right network connection is not just a tool to connect to manage daily operations, but also essential to increase productivity, mitigate risk, and improve security. However, many organizations strive with their internet connections despite of increasingly high-speed and high-bandwidth business internet options. Dedicated internet connection has proven to be a great solution for businesses. It is also often regarded as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

A dedicated internet connection ensures you get the bandwidth you bought. Unlike a shared internet connection, you are the only organization using your network circuit on the dedicated internet connection. It helps businesses have strong network capabilities.

One of the noteworthy benefits is that it supports remote connectivity, IPsec VPNs between sites, cloud apps, and similar services. Most service providers offer different kinds of dedicated connections, such as Ethernet over copper, DSL, dedicated fixed wireless, and T-1s and T-3s.

A dedicated internet connection is perfect for organizations in need of guaranteed speed and bandwidth. Especially when a business organization has huge outgoing and incoming data transfers and a huge requirement for bandwidth-heavy operations such as streaming, website operations, and backup servers, they will all benefit from having a private connection.

As a shared connection also means that you’re sharing your maximum bandwidth with others, this, in turn, leads to a fluctuation in the speed and will hamper your office tasks. These issues can be prevented with dedicated internet access, as your organization doesn’t need to share bandwidth with anyone, ever. It is a dedicated connection with dedicated bandwidth.

 When should you opt for a dedicated internet connection?

When you get dedicated internet connections, you can expect more symmetrical services. It means that a dedicated server provides the same upload speed as the download speed. It is important to consider, especially when files are transferred in both directions, remote connections are used or your business needs to access cloud services (including a VoIP telephone system) or use video conferencing. Dedicated internet access is also necessary when upload speeds can have a damaging effect on your business productivity. DIA assures good speed for performing continuous file transfers, streaming audio and video smoothly, and ensures reliable cloud connectivity.

Mostly the service providers offering residential broadband are also DIA providers. However, there are also enterprise-only ISPs that specialize in high-bandwidth business services and you can consider them when looking for reliable DIA providers. Many of them also offer other services like call centre telephone systems, business mobile phones etc. Reliable and dedicated internet access can play a vital role in increasing the productivity of your workforce, as well as increasing your bottom line.

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