Are you considering moving your call centre to the cloud? A lot of businesses are nowadays moving their call centres to the cloud to stay competitive and deliver a distinctive customer experience. Cloud (VoIP) telephony is a future-proof communication tool for businesses. It provides a truly unified service, inclusive of voice calls, video, email, IM, and chat.

Moving to cloud technology has numerous advantages, including a low-cost, simplified, and low-touch maintenance telephone system that eliminates the responsibility of maintaining an ever-changing hi-tech piece of equipment on your premises. The basic setup of Cloud Telephone requires something that, in most cases, all businesses already have, but are underutilizing it—the broadband connection.

Fibre connections are nowadays used by all types and sizes of businesses. Most broadband connections nowadays are stable and fast enough to provide the bandwidth to carry multiple calls at once and host the data. If you don’t have one, you can easily get a Dedicated Internet Connection from the company providing cloud telephony solutions.

All you need is a handset, power and Dedicated Internet Access. It comes with a multitude of features to promote and operate more effectively. Most of the cloud or VOIP service providers supply and support a range of various business-grade Call Centre Telephone Systems to suit the end user’s requirements.

It provides fast and effective results. The installation process in conventional call centres takes months. A set-up team makes provision for computing and storage resources, install various applications, applies necessary configurations, and then tests the new installation.

When compared to cloud telephony, the interfaces used for customer representatives, supervisors, and system admin profiles in conventional Call Centre Telephone Systems are usually complex.

Cloud call centres make it simple and quick to incorporate all the information into one easy-to-use dashboard. As there is low investment and no need to buy expensive equipment on-site, cloud communications is often a low-cost solution or provide a cost-saving while improving productivity and flexibility. Cloud-based Call Centre Telephone Systems also give your business the ability to collect information about your customers.

It is an ideal solution for businesses looking to grow and expand and is even suitable for those businesses consolidating and shrinking as the telephone number becomes irrelevant to location, putting you in total control. With the right cloud call centre telephone system, it is possible for businesses to keep track of all incoming and outgoing calls, measure the performance of the call centre as well as the agent, gather information about customers, and help the client’s business grow and expand globally.