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We understand that everyone's call patterns are different, so all our packages are specifically designed for your business requirements

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The most competitive call packages tailored for your business

Ikonix Telecoms provide a range of highly selective and competitve business call plans to assist in driving down your telephony charges and deliver significant savings on your monthly bills. Whether its UK or International or both, our experienced account managers will analyse your usage and prepare a straightforward report demonstrating the most cost effective way forward.


A solution for everyone

The range of lines available today were designed to cater for all sizes and shapes of businesses – whether you are a sole trader or a PLC, the Business grade communications infrastructure operated by Openreach still offers the analogue and digital lines to allow you to communicate. We can either transfer all existing services or install new services at a competitive price to ensure continuity of service for both voice and data.

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Modern, flexible, scalable and affordable

SIP Trunks and VoIP provision is the 21st century communication solution. SIP trunking enables voice communication between your on-premise or Cloud based telephone system using either the existing internet connection or an additional super fast internet connection. This has many benefits and offers the ability to provide substantial cost savings on monthly line rentals and call charges, with SIP trunks and VoIP being easily scaled up or down in number of lines depending upon your business requirements. 


Easy to understand and straightforward information

Most companies use a variety of suppliers, which means multiple invoices, making it difficult to have overall control and visibility of the monthly or annual telecoms expense. Ikonix have the ability to consolidate the services onto a single bill. We provide our customers with a portal, to provide a complete breakdown of all usage. With our call packages and ability to consolidate, you can expect to save up to 30% on your costs

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Established in 2006 Ikonix has always been customer focused and a leader in innovation and supply of quality business grade services with the emphasis of cost control that our clients rely on. Keeping clients up to date with the latest and most cost effective telecommunications services along with our integrated IT solutions service is a paramount requirement.

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