The Benefits Of Vehicle Trackers

For the fleet manager or owner of a business implementing a vehicle tracker solution will provide a series of alluring benefits.

Fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs
By using the technology to make informed route plans, fuel savings can be made across the fleet. As well as reducing fuel expenditure, optimum mileage can also reduce vehicle maintenance costs.

Health & Safety
Health and safety are of paramount importance in the management of a mobile workforce. Reduction in potential accidents and increased fuel savings alone are a tangible argument for using vehicle trackers.

Driver Style
Monitoring driver style through a specialised software module can generate reports on rapid acceleration, speeding and hard breaking, and all these elements add to additional fuel consumption. Being able to recognise these variables will assist in driver improvement in these areas and can provide fuel savings of typically up to 15%. Importantly recognition and correction of bad driver habits by fleet managers, improves the safety of your fleet drivers and their cargos, in turn reducing insurance claims.

Enhanced Security
The vehicle tracking system can alert on real time unauthorised vehicle movement along with time-based rules of when vehicles should be inside or outside preconfigured zones. If a vehicle is stolen it can be quickly located and authorities informed allowing for optimum recovery time. Insurance savings are often an extra benefit as vehicles with trackers have a lower likelihood of theft.

Better Lead Times For Your Customers
From a delivery firm's perspective being able to plan an optimum route will raise efficiencies in lead times, being able to get more deliveries achieved in the same shift, which in turn transfers as a benefit to their own customers. Identifying fleet route overlaps or route duplication by drivers on a daily basis can also provide a cost saving. The system will allow for better allocation of new customers to a specific depot closer to their geographical location.

Reporting Functionality
There is the ability to real time monitor from any location through the internet fleet activity, with additional performance dashboards and exportable reports to applications such as excel and odbc connections. Analysis can provide information on the percentage of vehicles used so far today, or which vehicles are currently active or not yet mobile. Colour coding can be set against different vehicle groups or drivers channelling through to the office dashboards illustrating real time performance levels to managers.

Alerts by e-mail or text message can be configured to inform an administrator with key information about their fleet. A report such as a monthly fleet utilisation report can be generated to provide valuable insights on fleet activity. With the ability to report on the first and last movements of a vehicle each day with a tracker allows the user to tie in journeys to shift times.

vehicle fleet tracker

The vehicle tracker system and reporting tools are extremely valuable for monitoring fleet activity and vehicle usage patterns and in turn making a company’s fleet more efficient to the business as a whole offering a good return on investment as a whole.

All of this delivered at a cost you can afford and working with Ikonix Telecoms a specialist Quartix vehicle tracker authorised reseller who can help you implement a truly tailored vehicle tracker solution.

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