The Benefits Of Call Recording

Call recording datasheet Keep a secure record of all calls

Many types of organisations can benefit from recording calls. In particular, there are clear advantages for legal firms, insurance companies, call centres, public agencies, health centres, doctors surgeries and any FSA regulated company that is legally bound to record calls.

Call recording is vital for any organisation that is serious about monitoring staff performance and compliance to company guidelines.

Why record calls?
Monitor call quality and staff performance to improve company standards and customer care. Resolve “who said what” disputes by confirming call details such as quantities / specifications of an order, protecting both your business and your staff from disputes. such a system also can help protect staff from abuse.

Train staff on call handling techniques and customer interactions to improve performance.

Contained and managed from a single work station or server, storing, finding, reviewing and archiving calls is just a click away.

Powerful Filters
Easily locate the calls you want Finding the calls you want is easy with icall suite because we include a set of powerful filters to sort through all your recordings.

Personal Playlists Create your own filtered playlists Call recording playlists allow you to save your filter settings, which then provide fast access to exactly the calls you want to review at any time. You can create an unlimited number of playlists and share them with other icall suite users. Simple Playback
Built in call player with export
The call player is used to listen to your encrypted call recordings from within the icall suite management application.

Call playback software

An export function allows you to decrypt and export recordings as .wav files for playback on other devices or for sharing via email.

Regulatory compliance (for FSA regulated companies):
• PCI DSS support.
• Encrypted (legally admissible in court).

icall suite call recording is completely integrated into the call management application, so you don’t have to switch between applications to find or play back calls.

Call Evaluation
Easily evaluate calls using your own call compliance questions and report on agent performance. The ability to proactively evaluate calls and staff is a useful tool in monitoring staff performance and compliance to call scripts. Calls can also be tagged for further review or for use in regular staff evaluation or training.

In today’s competitive world, keeping a secure recording of telephone conversations just makes sense.

We offer hardware for all line types

•SIP / IP Trunks

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