Call Management Software - icall suite for iPECS

Call recording datasheet Take control of your communications, to achieve productivity through intelligence and insight.

Many types of organisations can benefit from a call management software solution. icall suite provides complete communications management that integrates with your telephone system. Users can view real-time and historical call data, see the status of other extensions and securely record all telephone calls.

Modules for every requirement
Available in five fully integrated modules, icall suite provides all the business tools you need for your telephone system.

Special features for Contact Centres and Workgroups
icall suite has been designed to work using all available data outputs from your telephone system, including the UCD and contact centre functions. icall suite can display real-time queue levels, detailed missed call data, agent availability and performance via the real-time dashboard using customisable widgets.

icall suite call management is ahead of the class icall suite has an advantage over other call management or reporting suites, because we use a unique blend of call data, extension status information and UCD statistics to provide unparalleled levels of realtime and historical information.

You can only manage what you measure
icall suite is much more than simple call logging. It is a powerful database engine and a full suite of reports that are designed to give you accurate and useful analysis of your business communications. Included are recognised metrics such as Grade of Service and Percentage Calls Answered reports as well as contact centre reporting on agent availability and performance.

Call Management Software

icall suite is made up of 5 core modules and a datasheet is provided for each of these:

icall report - Manage, analyse and control communications
The comprehensive and easy to use icall suite report module integrates with your PBX telephony system and quickly delivers measurable results. Extract and manipulate data to be able to efficiently manage your business communications, increase productivity and make informed decisions.

icall record - Call recording fully integrated with your iPECS
The icall suite record module delivers fully integrated call recording with extensive functionality, suitable for any size of business with unlimited sites. Contained and managed from a single work station or server, storing, finding, playback and archiving of calls is just a click away.

icall connect - Powerful integration with your business systems
The icall suite connect module bridges the gap between your telephone system and your business applications to reduce costs, speed up call handling and improve customer service.

icall contact - Contact centre analytics and agent management
The icall suite contact module delivers valuable business intelligence and staff modelling for contact centres as well as providing management tools for agents and supervisors.

icall dial - Streamline outbound calling
Call handlers will spend more time talking and less time dialling with the icall suite progressive and predictive diallers. icall suite feature-rich automated diallers are easy to use, easy to set up and present significant benefits to both the business and the call handler.

All of this delivered at a cost you can afford and working with Ikonix Telecoms a specialist iPECS authorised reseller who can help you implement a truly tailored communication solution.

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