iPECS ez-Attendant

PC based Application Console iPECS ez-Attendant iPECS ez-Attendant gives your attendant powerful call handling and productivity enhancing tools. With the ease of use and superb graphical user interface, your attendant quickly embraces the iPECS ez-Attendant capabilities.

Easy to be an attendant
The iPECS ez-Attendant enhances handling of your valuable inbound business calls. With the iPECS ez-Attendant, your busy attendant can route calls with the click of a mouse. The Presence window shows the status of all other system users; at a glance the attendant knows the state of a user with icons; idle, busy, DND, calls waiting, etc. Real-time presence lets the attendant take alternate action; send the call to voice mail, or just click the station icon to transfer.

Flexible call handling
The attendant queue window displays the call waiting list along with queue times. Click to pick-up a call for further action, or drag and drop the call from the queue list to another station for handling. While on a call, the attendant can type the destination name or number to transfer the call quickly. If the user is busy, the attendant can send a short text message or, if conditions warrant, intrude on the user’s call to notify them of the important waiting call. Easily accessed features such as Paging and Call Park add to the flexible call handling capability.

IP based attendant
The iPECS ez-Attendant connects over your LAN to the system and synchronizes with the attendant’s telephone. No matter the geographic location of your attendant, The iPECS ez-Attendant synchronizes with the system to provide the attendant real-time system and user information over a TCP/ IP connection. For high volume call handling, your system can support up to five (5) ez-Attendant consoles and for networked environments, The iPECS ez-Attendant can act as the centralized attendant for all the connected systems.

Directory management
The iPECS ez-Attendant links with local and corporate contact databases for quick access to contact phone numbers. It is compatible with Outlook, Access, Excel, ACT! and Goldmine formats. With VIP callers information saved in the DB and displayed on the iPECS ez-Attendant console, the attendant can be ready for VIP service. The iPECS ez-Attendant also displays shared Exchange schedules which enables the attendant know the latest group or shared schedules.

EZ Attendant ScreenshotEven more productivity tools
The iPECS ez-Attendant can quickly locate other users and send important business text messages to any iPECS phone with display including wireless DECT or Wi-Fi handsets as well as remote terminals. Local language support displays prompts and text in any desired language so your attendant can be more productive on any languages. With the iPECS ez-Attendant, the attendant can perform basic admin functions for other users, assigning flexible buttons, alarm/ wake-calls, and defining station groups.

Easy User Interface

• Optional station fi eld display mode: Icon type (small/mid/large) / List type
• Intuitive display icons: Station fi eld(12), Queue window(8), Tool bar(7)
• BLF information display
• Local language selection: Local or English
• Shortcut keys for frequently used functions: Alt/Ctrl/Shift + ….
• Pre-selected and Customized station status message setting
• Station setting modifi cation: station name, COS, Temporary COS, Attendant cancel, Music selection
• Attendant status change: Day/Night/On-demand/Weekend/ Auto ring/Forward
• Station fl exible button programming: individual/group • Station group management
• Station and ez-Attendant activity log saving: call type/caller/ callee/date/time/duration/answered
• Local phone book import: MS Outlook, Access, Excel/ Goldmine/ACT!
• Phone book management: register/edit/delete, 16 data fi eld, dynamic search/sort/filter

Flexible Inbound Call Handling
• Call forward: attendant call forward for alternative station
• Call park: location bar show/hide option
• Answering incoming call from queue window
• Screened/Unscreened call transfer by search and go/drag and drop
• Call queuing (Max 20 calls): CLI, Name, Company, Waiting time display
• Message wait indication / Call back
• Hold call / Call park and retrieve
• Camp on to busy station
• Forced intrusion
• Screen call pop-up

Full Feature Soft Client, iPECS EzAttendant - datasheet (PDF)

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