Dedicated Business Internet Access

Fast and reliable internet access, designed specifically to cater for today’s business needs.

At peak times traditional broadband can suffer in terms of low bandwidth as it part of a shared infrastructure. If your business transacts high online sales volumes, has internet applications that use a lot of bandwidth or you use cloud-based business critical applications accessed via the internet, then 'Dedicated Internet Access' is the right choice.

Dedicated Business Internet

The internet is a critical business tool for virtually every organisation. An organisation’s internet presence tends to reflect its ability to conduct business electronically.

With the growing demand for Cloud-based services a company’s link to the internet has become crucial to its business continuity. Consider the implications if your internet connection fails and you lose access to your online applications. Moreover, if your website is hosted on-site your customers will go elsewhere. Companies need to consider business class internet access solutions that reflect the importance of the internet to the way they do business.

Ikonix Telecoms dedicated internet access is the natural choice for businesses that have outgrown, or have greater demands than can be accommodated by lower- speed business services such as ADSL.

Dedicated symmetrical circuits
Most companies that require high-speed internet access need a dedicated contention ratio (1:1). This means that customers do not have to share their bandwidth with anyone else and that they receive all the bandwidth that they are paying for. We can provide dedicated internet access options which are symmetrical, allowing you to utilise the full available bandwidth for either upstream or downstream traffic.

Ikonix offers no restrictions on monthly usage or additional charges for large files. This ensures that you benefit from a cost-effective service that reduces bottlenecks and improves your experience of internet-reliant applications.

This makes Dedicated Internet Access ideal for hosting your own website, managing email efficiency or supporting business critical applications.

All of this delivered at a cost you can afford and working with Ikonix Telecoms a specialist business inetrnet service provider.

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With our exceptional pro-active account management you will have one of the most compelling and cost effective mobile offerings in the UK. 

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