What is 4G Advance?

How can 4G help youir business Add 4G to selected devices without changing your contract, thanks to 4G Advance.

G truly is a big deal. Compared to 3G, it will give you six-times-faster speeds when you’re browsing the internet, sending emails, sharing presentations and downloading important documents.

We understand that you and your employees all use your phones differently – some need the benefits of 4G more than others. Well now you can give your people what they need, without having to sign a new contract.

Add 4G connectivity to existing devices
Choose 4G Advance and you can add 4G connectivity to selected devices by simply adding it to your current sharing plan. With prices starting from Ł12.50 (ex VAT) you'll not only get an additional 2GB of data but the flexibility to have both 3G and 4G working together for maximum effect.

Flexibility and speed
If you already have one or more 4G-ready phones in your business, you’re in a great position to easily experience the power of 4G – all you need to do is sign up today.

Faster access
Mobile downloads of large files at high speeds

More connected workforce
Improved connection, communication and collaboration

Nimble business
More informed decision-making with remote collaboration

Modules for every requirement
Talk to Ikonix your local Vodafone Partner today about our great range of 4G-ready plans.

Want to know where and when 4G is rolled out? Use our handy coverage checker. online at vodafone.co.uk/coverage

Examples of how customers may benefit from 4G for varying types of business:

4G Business Examples

Why choose a Vodafone Partner?
As a Silver Vodafone Partner Ikonix Telecoms are approved to sell Vodafone products and services and will provide you with expert knowledge and support tailored to suit your business needs.

Please complete the following form for an instant quotation or just email
web@ikonix-telecoms.co.uk :

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With our exceptional pro-active account management you will have one of the most compelling and cost effective mobile offerings in the UK. 

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